March 03, 2021

Risk Shell Introduction: Risk Management & Portfolio Construction Software for Fund of Funds

Live introduction of Risk Shell, an advanced analytical SaaS platform for Fund of Funds and Fund of Hedge Funds. Risk Shell covers all the angles of a sophisticated investment process for hedge fund investors and multi-asset managers. During the presentation, we will walk you through all components and modules of Risk Shell and demonstrate numerous real-life examples of asset selection, hedge fund risk assessment, portfolio construction and portfolio optimization, style analysis and many more.

Risk Analytics - Software Solutions For Fund of Funds

  • Manager selection and asset screening, quantitative and qualitative.
  • Risk management tailored to hedge funds and alternative investments.
  • Peer Group Analysis.
  • Returns-Based Analysis and Holdings-Based Analysis for hedge funds.
  • Portfolio management software including portfolio optimization, what-if analysis, marginal risk contributions and many more.
  • Stochastic simulation and stress testing.
  • Portfolio Risk budgeting.
  • Hedge fund style analysis and factor analysis.
  • Manager style drift analysis.
  • Shadow accounting for hedge Fund of Funds.
  • CRM & Document management.
  • Due Diligence software for hedge funds.

Risk Management and Portfolio Management For Family Offices

ABC Quant offers a broad range of software solutions tailored to Family Offices: asset and manager selection, portfolio management, shadow accounting, CRM, due diligence tools and many more. All these solutions can be effectively used by small firms where the same person is often responsible for multiple tasks, from asset selection to risk management and portfolio management. To facilitate Risk Shell learning as well as adopt the best institutional grade risk management and portfolio management techniques, we offer various financial training and tutorial courses through online webinars.

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